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FINADCO is solution oriented firm that guide customers through the complex landscape of investing, financial management, financial advisory, investment analysis, asset and business valuations, investment appraisals, deal structuring, capital raising and estate planning. Our success comes, in part, from focusing on sectors where we know we can make the greatest impact. We pride ourselves on understanding every aspect of your business. We know the challenges you face, and just as importantly, how to overcome them. 


We provide innovative, tailored and global solutions to our clients.

icon Investment Strategy & Execution
icon Investment Analysis & Recommendations
icon Distressed Investing Advisory
icon Mergers and Acquisitions

The success of our clients’ businesses does not depend on how they manage risk  alone, which is why we work hard to properly understand the challenges they face. Whether it’s launching new products, regulatory compliance, considering a mergers or acquisition, or entering new markets. Through this wider understanding we make sure their investment  risk management program is fit for purpose.

Personalized Solutions

Investment projects and business strategies are individually built and managed according to client needs and circumstances.


We believe confidentiality is important to any client relationship and guarantee full confidentiality of all business and personal data related to our clients.

Flexible Compensation

Our compensation scheme is flexible and we could work on fixed fee, success fee and profit sharing models.


We advise on optimization of the client's asset/business ownership structure.