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Investment strategy and execution

We build tailor-made investment strategies for our clients and delighted to advise & assist with their execution.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer our clients a full range of services associated with selling or acquiring businesses or assets including assistance with financial and legal due diligence, pricing negotiations and transaction structuring.

Asset Management

We offer professional asset management services to our clients assisting them in achieving their financial goals.

Deal Origination and Sourcing

We identify investment opportunities in target markets and industries and offer attractive investment deals to our clients on a regular basis.

Investments in Distressed Assets

We provide investments in distressed assets for companies or government entities that are experiencing financial or operational distress, default, or are under bankruptcy.

Investment Analysis and Recommendations

We are happy to analyze on demand investment projects or ideas of our clients and contribute by providing our recommendations.

Asset and Business Valuation

We provide advisory services associated with asset and business valuation including technical appraisal, monitoring and cost verification for various purposes in all industries.

Capital Raising

We help our clients to raise funds by preparing investment presentations, financial models, business plans and assisting in negotiations with financial institutions and private investors.

Restructuring / Turnaround Advisory

We are happy to help our clients to restructure and turn around their existing investments including help with building successful restructuring strategies and assistance with their execution.

Transaction Structuring and Monitoring

We support our clients by assisting in structuring and execution of new investment transactions as well as monitoring and assessing their past transactions.


We offer our professional brokerage services to facilitate any type of sale-purchase transactions of assets or businesses for our clients.